Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 82) by Grant Harbison

Blaine looked for Deplorium the following morn
And found him outside looking forlorn
“Deplorium, ye look a sight. I take it that ye had a restless night?”
“Aye, ah’m completely worn. Ah tried tae come tae a decision, but ma mind is torn.”
“Deplorium, ye’ll continue to despair if ye do not dare.”
“Blaine, ye’re jist tryin’ tae coax me because you want a share.”
“No, that wouldn’t be fair.”
“Then why do ye care?”
For a second Blaine felt a crushing remorse
But it was immediately replaced by the words of the horse
“Blaine, did ye hear?”
“I heard yer voice, but the words weren’t clear.”
“Yer mind jist seemed tae disappear.”
“I’ll be fine. Don’t you fear.”
“Any decision ah make may be one that ah’ll rue. Ah wis askin’ what would be in it for you?”
“Don’t ye be concerned about me. Do what ye have to do and ye could be rich and free.”
“Ye’ve made up ma mind an’ ah’m goin’ tonight. Ah may need some assistance. Would that be awright?”
“Aye, but for now ye’ll need tae get some rest. For a task such as this ye’ll need to be at yer best.”
As soon as he got rid of Deplorium
Blaine went in search of Truman and Borium
When he found them still sleeping in their beds
He fetched a bucket of water and poured it on their heads
Blaine laughed loud at their cries of alarm. “It’s only water. It can’t do any harm.”
“Blaine, that wasn’t nice!” yelled Truman. “That water is as cold as ice!”
“There was no need for that!” cried Borium. “What do you think you’re playing at!”
“Now that ye’re both awake, I have somethin’ to say. Remember when ye heard the horse neigh?”
“Yes,” replied Borium. “And an instruction that you, and only you, we must obey.”
“To adhere to your command,” said Truman. “What do you demand?”
“I demand that you go to the house o’ the laird and tell him that he must be prepared. Deplorium has planned to rob him tonight and he’ll need his guards in case he puts up a fight. Tell him that he‘s executed an innocent man, as the previous robbery was Deplorium and not Hamish MacCann. That is my command. Do ye understand?”
“Message received loud and clear. ” replied Borium. “We shall leave at once without delay and what you have told us we will convey.”  

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