Saturday, 13 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 84) by Grant Harbison

“What dae ye want, ya wee Sassenachs?” asked one of the guards when Borium and Truman arrived at Lord MacBlach’s.
“My dear man, please refrain from drawing your sword,” responded Borium. “We have an urgent matter to discuss with the lord.”
“What makes ye think that he wants tae see you? Tell me what it’s aboot an’ ah might let ye through.”
“I’m afraid that it’s something I cannot discuss. It’s a private matter between the lord and us.”
“Yer reason better be good. The laird is in a rotten mood.”
“I wouldn’t fear,” said Truman. “What we have to say he’ll definitely want to hear.”
“Aye, we’ll see. Wait here the noo an’ ah’ll see if he’s free.”
It didn’t take long for the guard to reappear
“Whatever ye have tae, he’s prepared tae hear,” he told them. “Don’t speak until he speaks tae you. Is that clear?”
Borium and Truman nodded in understanding
“Good, first door tae the left at the top o’ the landin’.”
They walked up the stairs and knocked on the door
“Come in!” they heard Laird MacBlach roar.
Both immediately entered and knelt on the floor
MacBlach eyed them with disdain. “Ah never thought ah’d be seein’ you two again.”
Borium immediately tried to regain the words from Blaine
“Well, what dae ye want tae say?” MacBlach asked them. “Speak, ah havnae got aw bloody day!”
“Sir, we’re here about the unfortunate death of Hamish MacCann,” replied Borium. “We are here to inform you that you killed the wrong man.”
“So, it wis Deplorium that robbed me. Am ah right?”
“Yes, sir,” replied Truman. “And he’s planning to do it again this very night.”
“That crafty wee...”
“Yes, sir. He’s vile and corrupted,” Borium interrupted.
“Or maybe this is some kind o’ trick,” said MacBlach as he raised his sword. “Tell me the truth or ah’ll cut off yer…”
“It’s the truth!” cried Borium before he became physically sick.
“Good, noo tell me his plan. It’s time ah got rid o’ that despicable man.”    

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