Friday, 5 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 80) by Grant Harbison

“Now we are getting somewhere!” cried Shear with delight. “Firstly the women and now this pathetic pair.”
“Ah jist love daein’ the voice o’ the horse,” chuckled Beryl. “It’s so deliciously wicked, yet wi’ nae cause for remorse. Aye, so much fun. Sheer, have ye thought aboot what ye’re gonnae dae wi’ the sleekit one?”
“I presume that means sly.”
“Yes, the other one is far too sly. So trying to lure him with the horse’s eye wouldn’t even be worth a try.”
“Perhaps some honey,” suggested Jess. “From what I been seein’, he be sweet on money.”
“Yes. Wonderful idea, Jess,” said Ilirium. “A deceptive treasure trail could be given to Blaine by Bess.”
“Aye, that sounds good tae me tae,” said Beryl. “Shear, what dae ye say?”
“It’s something to contemplate. But it totally relies upon him taking the bait.”
“Blaine might be a foolish wretch, but back at the monastery I saw him do a fair sketch,” said Ilirium. “If we could get him to draw a treasure map, then Blaine could lead him to a trap. One where he won’t be able to break free, allowing better control of the other three.”
“The problem be where to trap him in that wilderness,” said Jess.
“There is something else I could have prepared,” proposed Shear. “But this would require that he not be scared of going once again to the house of the laird. If Blaine can convince him there are riches to be found, it’ll only be a matter of time before he goes back under the ground.”
“A tricky situation,” said Beryl. “He’d want tae ken where Blaine got the information.”
“What if he said that on his journey he overheard it being relayed?” suggested Ilirium. “Perhaps from a former worker. Maybe a scullery maid?”
 “I’m not so sure,” replied Shear. “The explanation of the acquired information seems rather poor and maybe not enough to lure. We are dealing with someone who is cunning and wise. Someone who trusts no one but himself may see through the lies.”
Ilirium let out a sigh. “We’ll never know if we never try.”
Shear looked at their hopeful stares.
“Fine,” she said after a few moments. “Nothing can be gained if no one dares.”
“Great!” cried Ilirium. “I can’t wait.”
“But all three will have to listen carefully to me. Especially you, Beryl. One little mistake could cause great peril. Fortunately Blaine is too large to go down the tunnel that leads to the house of the laird. Due to what happened the last time, it would be understandable that the other two will be scared. Once he’s gone underground, Blaine will look for anything that can be found, and seal the hole to prevent an escape by the sly little troll. The other two shall go to the laird and reveal that once again he is planning to steal. Their testimony that he was the one responsible before shall cause a huge uproar; and when he goes up through the cellar door, greedily anticipating, the laird and his men shall be waiting.”
“A wonderful plan, my dear,” said Jess. “With you on our side we shall never fear.” 

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