Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 79) by Grant Harbison

“One cannot share love, nor can one borrow,” said Claude to Maude with a heart filled with sorrow. “Be happy with your new love. I shall depart tomorrow.”
“Claude, it doesn’t have to be this way.”
“I’ve said all I want to say.”
“It doesn’t mean that you have to go away. You can still journey with Paine and I. Please stay.”
“If it was a man, he’d have been immediately slain. But Paine? Perhaps I was blind, for never would I have thought that you would betray me with the female kind. Nay, I cannot stay.”
Maude began to weep. “You are still a friend I’d like to keep.”
“Nay, I’m afraid that my love runs too deep. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get some sleep.”
“I take it that he’s not impressed,” said Paine to Maude when Claude went to rest.
“Oh, Paine, I seem to have sparked great disdain. He is leaving in the morn and I may never see him again.”
“He caught you having sex with a woman. I’d say that his feelings are only human.”
“I know. It’s just going to be so hard letting go.”
“Maude, come hither and let me embrace. Let me hold you tight and kiss your tear stained face.”
Maude went to the arms of Paine and her tears fell like rain
And with bittersweet passion they made love again
They awoke the following morn to a bird’s sweet song
Maude beamed brightly as Paine whistled along
The clouds had disappeared and the winter sun shone
But their joy instantly faded when they saw that Claude had gone
Maude let out a sigh. “I thought at least he would’ve said goodbye. Now that we have a different situation, is there any no point in heading to our planned destination?”
“I must give Blaine an explanation.”
“But what if you find there’s still a flame?”
“There won’t. Now that I have you I’ll never be the same.”

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