Friday, 26 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 89) by Grant Harbison

Countess White listened keenly to Maude and Paine
As they spoke about Claude and Blaine
About their own lives and their profession  
And how one little carnal session
Led to their newfound love and obsession
“So, that’s how we ended up coming this way,” said Maude when they’d finished what they had to say.
“That’s quite a story,” remarked the countess. “But it seems to me that not all is hunky dory.”
“And why would that be?” asked Maude. “All seems fine to me.”
“Yes, Countess,” said Paine. “Would you care to explain?”
“The love you have for one another. To me it seems like it was created by some other. You may think that this is how you feel, but I’m almost positive that the feeling isn’t real. When you spoke of your love it sounded prepared and there was a tremor in your voices as if you were scared.”
“Well, I can assure you that all is well,” said Maude agitatedly. “When Paine and I made love, it was in love that I fell.”
“And love for Maude is what I feel!” cried Paine anxiously. “How can you say that it isn’t real?”
“Listen to your voices, hear that quiver!” exclaimed White. “Look at yourselves, look how you shiver! These are indications that all is not well. My darlings, it seems to me like you’re both under a spell.’
“Sweet Lilly White, it can’t be right!” yelled Maude. “You should be contrite!”
“If it’s to keep us together, then I don’t care,” said Paine. “For what we have is really quite rare.’
“Spells can last a long time, but never for ever,” said White. “And the pain will be greater if soon you don’t sever.”
“We will never sever!” cried Maude. “We are together forever. I’ll do anything to save our romance. Even if it is a spell, I’ll take that chance.”
“Do you really want to live your life being controlled, knowing that someone else has that hold?”
“Sweet Lilly White, how do we solve our plight?” asked Paine. “I have no knowledge of spells or how to break. Is there a way it can be done without causing heartache?”
“It can be broken, that I can guarantee. But as for your relationship, we will have to wait and see. If I can get help, will you both agree?”
Paine nodded her head with a feeling of dread
Confronted with a decision that she may rue
Maude reluctantly nodded hers too
“Good,” said Countess White. “Tomorrow my nephew will be back. For situations like these he has a knack. I’m sure you will like Viscount Drac.”

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