Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hell for a bell by Grant Harbison


“I need to pee, Miss Dee!” he whined and then started to scream.

“Johnny Lee!” yelled Miss Dee. “Your constant urge is extreme!”

“But Miss Dee!”

“Johnny Lee, put up your hand if you want to talk to me!”

Johnny became hysterical and started to shake. “But Miss, I’m really starting to ache!”

“That’s not my problem and you’ll have to wait till your break.”

He wriggled in his chair and began to blow. “Please!” he cried. “I’ve really got to go!”

“I’ve given you my answer and that answer is no.” 

“But I can feel it coming; it’s going to flow!”

Miss Dee reached the end of her tether and it was beginning to show. “What exactly is it that you don’t understand about no?”

“I need to go now or else I’ll pee on the floor!”

“Don’t you even think about going out that door!”

“But my need is getting stronger!”

“Then you’ll just have to hold on a little bit longer!”

“Please Miss, I’m going through hell!”

“Oh, very well. It’s almost time for the bell.”

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