Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 4) by Grant Harbison

With Brother Truman over his shoulder and Brother Borium by the hand
Erik once again snatched them from the Angel land
And so they sailed to the land of the fjord
On the wooden longship of the heathen horde
It was a horrendous voyage of considerable unease
With gale force winds and stormy seas
But eventually they reached the safety of the shore
And not long after there was a huge furore
Pigs were put on spits and roasted over fires
And nubile wenches catered for lustful desires
There were chants and cheers and the occasional brawl
While locked in a cage and wrapped in a shawl
Borium and Truman were enthralled by it all
That was until Erik whisked Borium away
And took him to his shelter to have his wicked way
After it was over and they’d lain on the bed
He’d told Brother Borium to rest his weary head
But the next words he’d uttered had filled Borium with dread
When Erik had told him that the following day they’d wed
Thoughts had spun around in Borium’s head
“But, Erik,” he’d said. “Couldn’t we just live together instead?”
“No,” Erik had replied. “You are mine to keep. Now hush, little Borium and get some sleep.”
After a sleepless night and much distress
Borium tried to think of a way out of this mess
But there was no way out
He was under duress
So he donned a robe
His Sunday best
As Erik had decided that he’d be wearing the dress 

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