Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 7) by Grant Harbison

So what of Erik, our Viking friend?
Did you think that was the end?
Well, he gave up the life of carnage and pillage
And with Sioux and the others they created a village
It was pretty as a picture and they called it Amour
It had ten little homes and a general store
A thatched roof saloon with a wooden floor
A community hall for the weekly ball
And Erik and Sioux’s market stall
There was even a church with a miniature steeple
It was the pride and joy of the village people
There were Roman baths for relaxation
A stylish salon for titivation
Amour for everyone was the perfect place to stay
And every single one had their role to play
Erik so enjoyed living this way
Never in his life had he been so gay
But every silver lining has a cloud
And early one day while they were parading proud
A group arrived in shiny robes
Mindless thugs known as Phobes
They tried to destroy the little town
Smash it up and burn it down
But Erik and his friends fought them back
And managed to thwart their unprovoked attack
It was a show of courage and of unity
And a severe warning to the small community
That not everyone was willing to accept
Especially the dogmatic and the tolerance inept  

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