Thursday, 27 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 9) by Grant Harbison

The judge eyed Borium and Truman with contempt. “In curbing your carnal desires, you have made no attempt. This is a serious charge and no one is exempt. Before I spit vitriol and vent my wrath, is there anyone here who wants to speak on their behalf?”
Ilirium rose, anxious and tentative. “My lord, if it pleases the court, I shall be their representative.”
“Very well, you may commence. What do you have to say in their defence?”
“My lord, I feel that their arrest was highly unjust and there is an explanation for their insatiable lust.”
“This had better not be inane. You run the risk of excruciating pain. Explain!”
“My lord, due to the spell of a witch, these poor souls couldn’t control the itch. And I say to you, my lord, she is the bitch!” cried Ilirium as he pointed to Sister Dunn. “She is the one!”
“Liar!” screamed Sister Dunn. “You are Satan’s servant and should be consumed with fire!”
“Silence, wench!” the judge screamed from the bench.
“My lord,” said Ilirium. “It’s clear from her outburst that she and Lucifer are in accord.”
Ilirium hoped his allegation would sway the judge
But he stared at Ilirium stoically and wouldn’t budge
“For your sake I hope this is not retaliation and you can back up this insinuation,” said the judge. “Witch accusers are usually liars and merely hold a grudge.”   
“My lord, I can assure you this is neither rancour nor lark. Upon her body she has a mark. I can attest it’s above her left breast.”
Suddenly Sister Dunn’s habit was caught in a grip
And forceful hands began to rip
Ripped until they exposed her upper body
Resulting in loud gasps from everybody
As above her breast
Round and dark
Was Sister Dunn’s lasting birthmark
“How did you know that the mark was there?” the judge asked Ilirium. “If you know of this then you must have seen her bare.”
“My lord, it was extremely degrading when she came to me naked and began parading. The way she was flaunting was rather daunting. But I avoided humiliation by not giving in to temptation.”
“Then there is only one solution,” said the judge. “Prepare her for execution!”
“My lord, there is another solution to this. Release her to me and I will be her exorcist.”
“Very well. For her soul’s sake, I’ll save her from the stake. And as for the accused standing before me, you are pardoned and may go free.”
“How did you know about the mole?” whispered Borium to Illirium.
“It’s amazing what one can discover when one has a goal.”

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