Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 6) by Grant Harbison

With grace and providence from the great Almighty
Borium and Truman made it back to Blighty
But things were not as they were in their monastic home
As Brother Nolan had been promoted and had gone to Rome
And Brother Ilirium was now the monastery’s new abbot
An amiable monk with a tendency to rabbit
And it was widely known that he’d chase anything in a habit
But to Borium and Truman he was a valuable friend
For with Ilirium there was no need to pretend
And certain rules they were able to bend
Like early to bed and strict curfew
As both of them knew what Ilirium liked to do
His late night jaunts and secret affair
With Maude the bawd in her illicit lair
She was his best kept secret
His forbidden fruit
But Borium and Truman had been very astute
And late one night they’d followed him to the house of ill repute
His face had been a picture when they’d caught him in the act
But they’d sworn to secrecy and then made a pact
That they’d be allowed the very same leisure
And he would have to pay for their sinful pleasure
So, by day they got on with their monotonous chores
And at night they delighted in Madame Maude’s whores
But little did they know about Sister Dunn
A sour faced stickler and suspicious nun
One who was about to spoil their fun

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