Saturday, 8 August 2015

Guest spot. Why I got kicked off the tardis and on my butt by Doctor Who by author and poet Maria Manuela Cardiga

I danced through the Empire.
And I suppose you could say
I tripped out
Over Julius Caesar's
Funeral pyre;
Oh! And that bit
Where Nero
Sung to his lyre?
And warmed
His chubby toes
To the fire...
That was just so cool!
I really admired
The guy, seriously!
I know he was cruel,
And had major issues
With his mum
And his poking her corpse
Was just sooooo gross?

But he was hip-hop
Beat happening
Before it was
"Hey man! What's hangin'?"
Look the guy was
Just that cool...
He had a groove.
That's all I'm sayin'.
It's not that I approve
Of his martyring dudes
And being cruel to animals?
(Feeding people to lions
Can't do them no good.
To the lions I mean,
But you gotta understand,
Nutrition wasn't a big deal
In Ancient Rome.)
I just liked him, is all.
I'd buy his record.
Nero Claudius Caesar
Rock on!

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