Monday, 10 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 3) by Grant Harbison

Brother Borium and Brother Truman strolled in the garden
Two weeks had passed since Brother Nolan’s pardon
“We’ve been back such a short while and it’s such a bore,” said Brother Borium. “I’d give anything for a tankard of ale and a buxom whore.”
“Patience, dear Borium, we’ll have our fun,” responded Brother Truman. “With our worldly wisdom, we could even corrupt a nun.”
“Some thoughts do trouble me though. Ones I cannot erase.”
‘What thoughts are those, Brother Borium? You shall not disgrace.”
“I’ve been having fantasies about the Norseman; do you think that it’s just a phase?”
“No, Brother Borium. All it means is that you swing both ways.”
“Perhaps if I stick to girls, these feelings will pass.”
“If you believe that, then you are truly an ass.”
“But how can one desire both girl and boy?”
“Just embrace it and don’t be coy.”
Suddenly there were shouts and pandemonium
“I wonder what’s going on,” said Brother Borium.
It was then that they heard the most pitiful cries
And not long after
A huge surprise
For there stood Erik
Son of Fester
The towering giant
Their Nordic molester

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