Monday, 24 August 2015

Guest spot. What women do instead by Maria Manuela Cardiga

O sacrosanct
Flesh plundered

O sacrosanct
Tower tumbled
Humbled by
Vicious power
O flower

O sacrosanct
Screams unheard
Pearls of tender pride
Ripped stripped
Of virile joy

O sacrosanct
Laid low
O bitter biter-blow
The taste and smell
And touch of it
The unending
Sight of it

O sacrosanct
Chest embraced
Why oh why?
Did I by smile
Or word or deed
Invite this spite?

O sacrosanct
Do they
(will they) know?
Does it show?
(oh that final
hideous sound
that grunting moan)

Will they know?
Will they all know?
(I screamed
for mercy
under that blow)

"Get up
Get up
Get up
Get out of bed;
Do what women
Do instead:
Raise high your
Did you think
Yourself sacrosanct
Precious alloy?
Your flesh sacred

"Get out of bed.
Do what women
Do instead.
Straighten that spine!
Will you repine?
Cradle the sick-pup
Of your male pride?
The only sacrosanct part,
What they cannot
Reach with a prick
Or tear apart
Is your heart"

"So get out of bed;
Do what women
Do instead,
Go home
To your wife,
Get on
With your life."

So I did
What the woman said.
I got out of bed.

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