Sunday, 16 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 5) by Grant Harbison

Morten, son of Leif, stared at the ceremony in disbelief
“What in the name of Odin is going on?” yelled the Viking chief.
“Oh, great one!” cried Erik and fell to his knees.
Hoping that his action would Morten appease
“Speak, son of Fester, or I’ll have your head.”
“Oh, great chieftain,” replied Erik. “I’m about to be wed.”
“Then why are you dressed as the bride?”
“I’m marrying Borium, the beauty by my side.”
Morten lost his temper and kicked him in the face. “You call yourself a Viking? You’re an utter disgrace!”
“Oh, great warrior!” cried Erik in pain. “It wasn’t my intention to provoke your disdain.”
Morten kicked him once again. “Disdain? An act like this could have you slain. Have you gone utterly insane? Have you no pride? Have you no shame?”
“I’d say that love was to blame.”
“Love? Great Odin above! Tonight I will have to decide your plight. Now take your monk and get out of my sight!”
Morten summoned Erik early the next morn
Since the chief’s berating
He’d been treated with scorn
“I’ve come to a decision, Erik, and I think it’s the best,” said Morten. “You will take a ship and then you will head west.”
“Chief, am I being banished?”
“I think that it would be best for all if you vanished. There’s a rumour that there is a great land to west, and if that is so, it could be another Viking conquest. If not, and you sail over the edge, your warrior bravery will be put to the test.”
 “Oh, Morten, son of Leif, leaving Borium would bring me such grief.”
“I shall allow him to stay for a while, until I can return him to the Angel isle.”
So, Erik, son of Fester, sailed to the west
And his search for the great land was a huge success
He annexed a piece for his principal plan
A place where man could be with man
And walk hand in hand across the land
Eventually one day his dream came true
When he fell in love with a boy named Sioux  

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