Saturday, 22 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 8) by Grant Harbison

Spare a thought for Borium and Truman
After all
They are only human
And susceptible to temptation
An appeal which has led to their current situation
Locked in a cell awaiting trial
Victims of vestal bile
Their shenanigans Sister Dunn attested
And for their wantonness they were immediately arrested
“Oh, Brother Truman, I do fear our fate has been decided,” cried Brother Borium. “These damn trials are so one sided.”
“Yes, Brother Borium, our situation looks grave. But try, little Brother, try to be brave.”
“How can one be brave when one only contemplates the horrific execution that indubitably awaits?”
“Faith, dear Brother, we haven’t been condemned yet. Brother Ilirium will find a solution, I’ll bet.”
“What makes you think that he’ll come to our aid? He’s probably just glad that he left the brothel before the raid.”  
“Through fear of implication if we gave voice to our association.”
Suddenly there was the sound of rattling keys
And the Brothers stared at the door with great unease
Fearing it would be a sadistic inquisitor
But it was only guard and he announced their visitor
“Greetings, dear Brothers,” said Ilirium as he stepped into the cell. “I trust everything is well?”
“Optimism I cannot fake,” replied Brother Borium. “For tomorrow it’s likely we’ll burn at the stake.”
“Relax, my brother. I have everything planned. So just keep the faith, understand? Just leave everything up to me and tomorrow I guarantee that you will both walk free.”  

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