Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Oh, brother (part 1) by Grant Harbison

“In the scriptorium we laborium,” complained Brother Borium. “Every day the same old tedium.”
Brother Nolan gave him a hardened look. “Brother Borium, it’s for the love of the book.”
Brother Truman chortled with glee. “Brother Borium, I wholly agree. How wonderful it would be to be totally free. I’m so tired of this boredom and tranquillity.”
Brother Borium sighed. “Yes, Brother Truman, we are so denied. Oh, how good it would be to sail the seven seas, and have the freedom to do as I please.”
Brother Nolan responded with ire. “Cast your wicked thoughts into the Devil’s fire!”
Brother Truman stared at him sombrely. “But Brother Nolan, can’t you see? We are all prisoners in this monastery.”
“Yes, Brother Truman,” Brother Borium concurred. “There are times when I feel like a caged bird.”
Brother Nolan banged the table with his fist. “Stop this right now; I utterly insist!”
“Brother Nolan, we are only human,” said Brother Truman. “Withdrawn from the world without the love of a woman.”
“A woman’s love, a woman’s touch,” said Brother Borium. “Something I long for so very much.”   
“Brothers, vanquish that ridiculous notion! You’ve both chosen your life as one of devotion!”    
Brother Truman jumped up and threw his hands in the air. “I really don’t care! I’m going back to a life that was stolen. So, I say to you farewell, dear Brother Nolan. Brother Borium you’re welcome to come along. If something feels right, then it cannot be wrong.”
“Yes, Brother Truman, let’s not delay. Let’s pack a bag and be on our merry way.”
Brother Nolan looked on in amazement, unable to speak. They wouldn’t be the first monks to leave in that week.

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