Friday, 31 July 2015

What the werewolf wears by Grant Harbison

Wolf de Lewd was a manly dude with incredibly large teeth
But Riding Hood truly understood what actually lay underneath
Since that time she’d found him in her bed
With her flannel gown and bonnet on his head
“Wolf,” she’d cried. “I’m utterly surprised. I never knew that would tickle your fancy.”
“Yes, my dear Riding; there’s no point in hiding. I’m Wolf during the day and at night I am Nancy.”
“The look is very fetching, I must admit. But we need to spice it up a teeny little bit.”
His eyes had lit up and his teeth had begun to grind. “Tell me my dear, what do you have in mind?”
“Lingerie, stockings and some very high heels. There’s a sale going on at Decadent Deals. “
Wolf had smiled and salivated at the lustful scene his mind contemplated.
“Well, what do you think?” Riding had asked and given him a wink.
“I’m so excited I cannot wait. Let us leave now, it’s not too late.”
“Yes, but first there is something you have to understand. I now wear the trousers; I’m in command. And if you decide to give me any lip, you’ll vent my wrath and I’ll bring out my whip.”
Wolf had looked at Riding with eyes full of fear. “I’ll be a good boy; I promise, my dear.”   

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