Thursday, 23 July 2015

So fool to try and pull a bull by Grant Harbison

Boris the bull looked on in confusion
And turned a crimson shade
When the short-sighted milkmaid held his protrusion
And caused it to stand on parade
It caused Camilla the cow to kick up a fuss
“You stupid bitch!” she cried. “He’s not one of us!”
The maid stepped back and let out a rude exclamation
Leaving poor Boris to cry out in frustration
Exasperated at the sudden spurn
Just before he reached the point of no return 
The cows stamped their hooves and chortled with glee
When the milkmaid stumbled as she started to flee
But Boris wasn’t laughing and looked on mortified
The humiliation of rejection was a dent in his pride
“Oh Boris,” cried Camilla. “You mustn’t gripe. You’d be fool to think that you are her type.”   
“Camilla, you are cruel and deserving of scorn. It was the one and only time I’ve been gripped by the horn.”

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