Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Charlotte Ann and the gullible man by Grant Harbison

“Tell me gypsy woman,” said pushover Paul. “What do you see in your crystal ball?”
Charlotte Ann gazed into the ball. “I see fame and fortune. A large windfall.”
“How grand,” he said and clapped his hands. “How soon will it come and what will be the sum?”
“Soon. You will be a very rich man before the next full moon. But your fortune will come at a price. Your wealth will require a significant sacrifice.”
“What sacrifice will suffice?” he asked. “Could you be more precise?”
“Your current wealth I will need to curse before you receive your future purse. All that you have you will have to bring to me. Consider it a token. A gratitude fee.”
“Gypsy woman, I respectfully thank. I will remove all the funds that I have in the bank.”  
“Go now, don’t delay. Your reward will be larger if you come back today.”
“My dear woman, I’ll be back in a flash. There’ll be plenty of time to curse that cash.”
Charlotte Ann
A gypsy with a plan
Chortled with glee as soon as he ran
Charlotte Ann

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