Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rogues of yesterday and the pond scum of today by Grant Harbison

“Stand and deliver, the money or your life!” the highwaymen used to cry.
And they’d only take your life if you dared to defy
Refuse to hand over and you were a goner
But part with your possessions and their word was honour
They targeted the rich and they only sought to rob
Not like today’s lot
Despicable yobs
Crime pays more than a full time job
No remorse and no concept of honour
“It was the thrill of the kill and the power, Your Honour.”
Words that sicken
Words that chill
We’ve had enough
We’ve had our fill
It’s time for justice and laws we once held dear
We cannot live life in absolute fear
The answer to the problem lies with you
Do we keep on pussyfooting or do we go kangaroo ?

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