Monday, 27 July 2015

Contrary Mary by Grant Harbison

If you knew Mary like I knew Mary
Before she took up whoring on the prairie
Then you’d know that the old Mary was quite contrary
And folks for miles were extremely wary
Mary was a recluse who lived with a canary
In a ramshackle dwelling that was extremely airy
With a garden that looked rather scary
There were no silver bells or cockleshells
Nor pretty maids in a row
The place was a shambles and apart from the brambles
Nothing else would ever grow
Although she had visitors now and then
They were usually from the church and never men
Men were wary of Mary
As she was the largest girl on the prairie
And none were prepared to nestle
With a girl who could beat them in an arm wrestle
But before I get too boring
Let me tell you why Mary went whoring
An outsider arrived one day in May
Who admired her beauty and offered to pay
Mary was shy and didn’t know what to say
But the whole experience blew her away
And that was the start of it all
From decency Mary did fall
Mary is now popular
She’s everyone’s honey
And she loves the attention and all of that money 

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