Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The mollusc and the mole by Grant Harbison

His main ambition was to be a troll
But he never quite reached his goal
The best he could achieve was a mollusc mould
Of garden variety scold
It was a failure that left him with a chip on his shell
And a tempestuous temperament that none could quell
But in his grassy domain he did reign
And his only concern was for his own gain
With tyrannous terror and exploitation
He quashed the hopes of the population
Fuelled their anxiety and frustration
And ignited hatred in the garden nation
So it was hardly surprising
That his oppression would lead to a huge uprising
But his biggest surprise
Was one that happened before his demise
When he learned that their leader was one of his spies
His favourite mole
Infiltrator and slayer of the wannabe troll

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