Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Treasure pleasure by Grant Harbison

“There’s always pressure, but it’s always a pleasure to find some treasure!” exclaimed Silver the pirate.
“We better find soon, ‘cause we’re bleedin’ well skint!” screeched Flint, exceedingly irate.
“Hush, damn parrot, or I’ll take you on deck, pull out your feathers and wring your scrawny neck.”
Flint eyed Silver with his beady little eyes. “Try somethin’ like that an’ ye’ll lose yer mince pies.
“Any more cheek from yer belligerent little beak an’ I’ll have ye confined and flogged for a week. Now come o’er here an’ lend me yer ear. There’s somethin’ ye need to hear.”
Flint stepped onto Silver’s shoulder. “What do ye want me to hear, ya cranky old soldier?”
“I need yer eyes an’ ears for a bit o’ scrutiny. I’ve heard there’s been talk, talk of mutiny.”
“Give me a good reason to find yer treason. We’re hungry and penniless an’ far out to sea. What could there possibly be in it for me?”
“Very soon we’ll be reachin’ shore an’ I promise that ye’ll have fortunes galore. But the others will get greedy and our share will be less, unless I can force some to confess.”     
“As long as yer offerin’ me a carrot, then rest assured I’ll be a vigilant parrot. But how do ye know we’re approachin’ land? And how do ye know of this treasure? I don’t understand.”
“Flint, let me do what I do best. The wind has changed and we’re heading west. Yer eyes will soon be feasting on that large treasure chest.”
“Land, land ahoy!” yelled Jim Hawkins, the cabin boy.   
Silver laughed at Flint as he started to twitch. “Come, my feathered friend, let’s go and get rich.” 

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