Sunday, 5 July 2015

A dress for success by Grant Harbison

“Alas,” cried she from her place on her knees. “Why can’t it ever be me?”
“Because you were born to blister,” replied Christa, her twisted sister.
“Just once I’d like to have the chance to dance, drink champagne and find romance.”
“Oh, wretched Ella,” said the horrid sister, Bella. “What chance would you have of finding a fella?”
The callous remark caused Ella to frown. “Perhaps if I had a beautiful gown.”
“You have the gall to think you can go to the ball, my ragged little sister?” said Christa. “Never in your life will that befall, as no gentleman will ever come to call. So sulk beside the cinders, little Ella. The only ones attending the ball will be I and beautiful Bella.”
“I shall go to the ball, wait and see. And the main attraction shall be me.”
Bella laughed at Ella’s declaration. “Do you honestly think that you can rise above your station?”
“I’ll find a way, I’ll find a dress. I’ll be the belle of the ball and by far the best dressed. Even the charming prince will be impressed.”
“Oh Ella,” said Bella. “It seems like your falling apart at the seams. Another one of your preposterous dreams?”
“A dream nonetheless, but very soon I’ll be a princess.”  

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