Saturday, 28 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 48) by Grant Harbison

Shear de Lite woke up screaming with fright
Fear marked the face of the hermaphrodite
“My dear de Lite, what is your plight?” asked Lord Dirgand. “You’ve been terribly restless most of the night.”
“Danger lurks for Gypsy Jess from a master of spells in the northern wilderness.”
“Who is Gypsy Jess and why would that cause you such distress?”
“The one you conversed with on that day you took me away. I must leave in the morn without delay. I need to stop harm coming her way.”
“I don’t understand,” said Lord Dirgand. “It’s been ages since you have seen her and her band. You say she is in danger, but how would you know? You’re not making sense and I forbid you to go.”
“My lord, I’m afraid I don’t have a choice. It would be very unwise to ignore the voice.” 
“Then I’ll assemble some men and we shall seek out her foe.”
“But the voice demands that only I must go.”
Dirgand became very annoyed. “I will see to it that they are destroyed. I will go and you will remain here. That is an order, do I make myself clear?”
“Sire, you and your men no nothing of magic. If you proceed with this quest, the outcome will be tragic. I really do have to go on my own, but the voice has assured me that  I won’t be alone.”
Dirgand was impassive
But she knew he was riled
The worst thing she could say was that she was with child
Not just one
There were two on the way
The voice had relayed to her the previous day
To Dirgand she’d wanted to relate
But the voice had informed her that she had to wait
And now she knew why
She had to act soon or her friend may die

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