Sunday, 15 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 43) by Grant Harbison

“Ah hope yer well rested and ah hope yer both prepared,” said Deplorium to Truman and Borium. “Tonight we’re goin’ tae rob the laird.”
“I’m not sure I understand,” said Truman. “Do you mean Lord MacBlach, owner of the land?”
“Aye, the laird. What’s the matter? Are ye scared?”
“Deplorium, have you lost all common sense? asked Borium . “Are you aware of the punishment for such an offence?”
“Aye, ah’m aware. But in order tae prosper, ye have tae dare.”
“Cousin, the manor will be under guard. Or is that something you disregard?”
“Relax, ah’ve got it aw worked oot. There’s a certain time when there’s naebody aboot.”
“That doesn’t mean there is any less threat,” cried Truman. “If we go ahead with this, we will all regret.”
“Truman’s right,” said Borium. “There’s too much at stake. Death would be certain from one little mistake.”
“Ah can see that yer anxious, ah ken the feelin’. But if there’s one thing that ah’m good at, that is stealin.”
“I would say other things as well,” said Truman. “How exactly did you break that spell?”
“A wonderful wee plant ah got fae the dell.”
“I’ll never forget that pungent smell,” said Borium. “How did you know it would make us well?”
“It pays tae have some ken aboot spells and black magic. Up here it’s rife and some stories are tragic. Yours wis a minor gypsy curse. Fae some other source, it could have been worse.”
“I think I know from whence it came,” said Truman. “Ilirium and the gypsies are the most likely to blame.”
“Yes, it would appear so,” said Borium. “Deplorium, you’ll have to teach us all that you know.”
“Soon, on the very first night o’ the quarter moon. But for noo there’s an important job tae be done; and it has tae be done before the risin’ o’ the sun. Ah’ll explain tae ye everythin’ on the way. Aw ye have tae dae is listen tae what ah say.”  

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