Sunday, 22 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 45) by Grant Harbison

Sister Agatha visited Mistress Paine in her cell. “Miss Paine, I trust all is well.”
“No, it certainly is not. Am I being left here to rot?”
“That depends on Brother Blaine, Mistress Paine.”
“This is insane. Am I being punished because of Blaine? All we did was have a bit of fun, but perhaps that word is unfamiliar to a nun. Maybe the exception is Elise Dunn. She’s certainly a lively one. I’ve heard that she likes many men in her bed. Methinks that she is the one who should be locked up instead.”  
“The wantonness of the former nun I do not doubt, but promiscuity is not what this is about.”
“Then pray tell. Why have you had me put in this cell?”
“To ensure Brother Blaine completes his task.”
“And what is that, may I ask?”
“To bring back two absconded monks for their crime. Until he does, you will be doing time. If he fails to return, then dear Mistress Paine, you will burn.”
“If the crime was committed by the other two, then why does Blaine have to do this for you?”
“Because his association makes him guilty too. Albeit indirect, he can still be tried for neglect. The only thing in his favour is that he didn’t defect.”
“Elected to defect I expect. If he trusts your committee then he is making a mistake. There is no certainty that he will avoid the stake.”
“In my detection, for you he has the fondest affection. He cannot escape his love for you and you can be certain that he’ll come to your rescue.”
“Is that a guarantee that both of us will be free?”
“I guess you’ll have to wait and see.”
“Then I appeal to your heart. Offer Blaine and I a brand new start.”
“When Blaine returns, I will request pity. But it will take a unanimous vote from the committee.”
“Thank you for being so kind. Your words shall give me piece of mind.”
“Now it’s time for me to leave. Keep the faith as it doesn’t help to grieve.” 

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