Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 44) by Grant Harbison

Blaine started out with no idea where he was heading
And likewise quite how far he would be treading
But in order to avoid execution
And to ultimately acquire absolution
The arduous traipse was the only solution
His major dilemma was which way to go
As searching in all directions would be tediously slow
North or south
East or west
He made a decision that north would be best
Even if he didn’t find Truman and Borium
At least he could visit his old friend Deplorium
The last time they’d met was on the Emerald Isle
When the Scottish monks had visited for a while
The annual games they’d come to play
And for the Scots it had been a triumphant day
As it was the very first time that they’d won away
Blaine had faced Deplorium in a wrestle of the arm
And the strength of the Scot had been cause for alarm
Blaine had been the champ and had a title to defend
But the plucky Scot had proved too good in the end
Festivities had ensued and had lasted the weekend
And Brother Blaine had made a brand new friend
On that final day before they’d sailed away
Blaine had made a promise that he’d visit him someday
Upwards and onwards he continued to go
Through icy wind and falling snow
The thought of not returning crossed his mind
But he didn’t have the heart to be so unkind
Sister Agatha had told him that if he dared to defy
Then Mistress Paine would slowly die
The nun had made sure he didn’t have a choice
All of a sudden he heard a voice
“Another monk,” he heard a man say. “A toll is required if you want to go this way.”
“Are ye sayin’ that others have passed?”
“Two little fellows looking extremely harassed.”
“Many thanks for lettin’ me know. Now In order to go forth, how much do I owe?”
“Give me three groats and then you can go.”

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