Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 40) by Grant Harbison

May their bones be boiled and gorged by hounds from Hell!” Ilirium heard Gypsy Jess yell. “Somehow they’ve managed to break the spell.”
“But how can that be so?” cried Ilirium. “Breaking of spells is something they wouldn’t know.”
“Tis my assumption that the bearded one be the one with the gumption. I’m afraid the ball don’t give me much. It’s very blurry and cold to touch.”
Ilirium looked at her in dismay. “You mean to say that they’re not going to pay?”
“Little one, it all be very confusing. First I have to find out what they’ve been using. Someone must have a notion of brewing a potion. It has happened to me before in days of yore.”
“It matters not what happened then. You have to try again.”
“Little one, let ye be told. It pays not to be so bold; especially when the ball is still cold. Spells that are cast could return threefold.”
“So, all we can do is wait and pray that we don’t befall the very same fate?” 
“Like I said, three times worse. That be the power of the rebound curse.”
Ilirium became panic stricken
“Yes,” said Jess. “Thrice the size yer tongue will thicken.”
“But how can one be three times lame?”
“Yer legs, yer arms and pecker be doing the same.”
Ilirium’s stomach began to churn. “Please make the power of the ball return!”
“The ball works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the power goes away for days.”
“Please try to restore its power. We can’t wait for days, not even an hour!”
“My little one, yer face be awash with gloom. We cannot stop impending doom.”
Suddenly the ball began to brighten
And in hope Ilirium’s fear began to lighten
“Jess, is that a good sign?”
“Yes, my little one. It looks like we will be just fine.”

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