Thursday, 5 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 38) by Grant Harbison

Elise and Derek heard a knock on the door
Derek sighed. “That will be man number four.”
“I’m having so much fun,” cried the former nun. “Sixteen more will make a score.”
“I suppose I should let him in. And this time try not to make such a din. I’ve agreed to this, but you are a bit too zealous.”
“Darling, don’t tell me that you are jealous. You’re welcome to join.”
“Knowing that another is pleasuring your groin? Let me just let him in and you can bask in your sin.”
Derek opened the door and there stood a man who was only three foot four.
“Be this the room of the wench who can’t get enough?” he asked. “There be word going around that she likes it rough.”
“Just come in and do your stuff,” replied Derek in a huff.
Elise and Derek gasped in surprise
When he removed his clothes and they saw the size
Derek looked on in misery when he heard her cries
But then a strange sensation came over him and he began to rise
Part of him wanted to boke
But a desire took over and he began to stroke
Suddenly he felt ecstasy
Extremely aroused from what he did see
But for Erik there was only misery
And as he lay with a monk in the monastery
All he could think about was Borium and no other
One time lover
His favourite Brother
But words from Brother Blaine
Made his heart stain
When he heard that he had disappeared
And that he might be a murderer
Or murdered
It was feared

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