Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 47) by Grant Harbison

Ilirium was relieved that the gypsy’s spell didn’t backfire
But fear was not enough to diminish his ire
And his need for revenge was now burning desire
Jess sat wearily staring at her ball. “The powers don’t be answering my call.”
“We can’t just wait here and do nothing at all,” said Ilirium. “What do you think is making them stall?”
“I can’t be sure, but mayhaps there be something in the cure. Great wisdom be required to make something so pure.”
“Is there anything you might know of such an antidote?”
“Afraid not, little one. There be all kind of flora in a place so remote.”
“Then we must leave immediately for the land of the Scot. I will have justice, no matter what.”  
“You be doing that, then ye surely will die. The man who made the potion be far too sly.”
“Then I’ll die if I must. Revenge for my brother’s death is purely just.”
“Oh behave; even I know yer not that brave. My heart goes out to you for I know that ye grieve, but it really don’t help to be naïve. There may be a way to avoid such peril. Up north I know a Wiccan by the name of Beryl. To the land of the Scot we shall go to see if she has a way of defeating yer foe.”
“Jess, I sincerely thank you for all that you’ve tried to do. My love for you has grown and continues to accrue, so I’ll abandon my impulsiveness and put my trust in you.”
“My little one, you are so sweet. I be so very glad that we did meet. For the meantime ye must put away yer sorrows, for there might be promise in yer tomorrows. Turn yer thoughts to something else instead; mayhaps ye’d like to join me in the bed.”
“I can’t think of anything else that I’d rather do; lay back, sweet woman and let me make love to you.”
“Something I be long anticipating; now get undressed, don’t keep a girl waiting.”
“Before I do that there is something I must confess. I think I love you, Gypsy Jess.”
“I love you too, my little one. But ye must hurry up so that we can have fun.” 

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