Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 41) by Grant Harbison

The holiday was finally over for the brothers Conn
 Lepre, Ayre, Mod and John
And after a binge with Blaine till the light of dawn
They embraced him at the shore and then they were gone
As he watched them set sail in the drizzling rain
He felt the inevitable stab of pain
And wondered if or when he would see them again
He watched their boat until it drifted out to sea
Before he made his way back to the monastery
Suddenly the rain began to pour
And he hurriedly ran to the monastery door
The wind picked up and became very gusty
And in his rush for shelter he collided with Chrustie
The nun’s vociferous cry had a high pitched sound
As she lost her footing and fell to the ground
Blaine immediately sank to his knees
“My dear Sister Agatha, my sincere apologies!”
“Help me to my feet, you blithering fool. Grab a hold of my hands and pull.”
“Ye can count yersel’ lucky ye had a soft place to land,” said Blaine as soon as he helped her to stand.
Sister Agatha eyed him with disdain. “I’d say no more if I were you, Brother Blaine. Lest you want some serious pain.”
They intensity of her eyes shook him with surprise. “No, Sister Agatha. I do apologise.”
“Actually, it’s you I’ve come here to see.”
“The prank and the murder I took to our committee, but I’m afraid for your part, they were devoid of pity.”
Blaine fell to his knees and began to cry. “Please, Sister Agatha. I’m not ready to die!”
“There is another way, but you can’t delay. If you really want to survive; bring back the other two, dead or alive.”

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