Sunday, 22 November 2015

Day of indulgence and others dismay by Grant Harbison

Oh, how we hate this day
Looking on in utter dismay
At the other children as they laugh and play
Rejoicing in the excitement of Christmas day
Girls and boys
Happily showing off their brand new toys
My siblings and I briefly stare at one another
Wishing we had a different father and mother
Yesterday morning was when we last ate
They drank day and night and will be sleeping late
We’re freezing and still we hesitate
For we know that both will be in a vicious mood
And we dare not complain that we want some food
We look once again at the other kids sharing sweets
So cruel that our parents are still between the sheets
We are dressed in rags and they couldn’t care less
Never thinking of our distress
Empty booze bottles on the floor and the house is a mess
But we’ll be the ones that they’ll blame for their shame
One of the other kids saw me and called me a name
My little heart hurts as I have a crush on Abby

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