Friday, 13 November 2015

Oh, brother (part 42) by Grant Harbison

It pleased Elise to have so many enjoy her
And it excited her so that Derek was a voyeur
And if truth be told
He found it most gratifying playing the role of cuckold
At first he was surprised by the strange sensation
The arousal of watching and hearing her elation
But soon he found that he couldn’t get enough
Especially when the sessions got a little rough
But by far the greatest satisfaction
Was knowing that he would get the last of the action
And by then it was not just a matter of lust
The carnal desire was an absolute must
But while it was joy for Derek
It hadn’t been the same for his brother Erik
Although many monks had shared his bed
He just couldn’t get Borium out of his head
And day after day he’d continued to brood
Until someone had told him about the hag in the wood
Who would be able to envisage Borium’s location
Using her magic for a small remuneration
So into the wood he’d hopefully gone
Early one morn at the break of dawn
Deep in the wood an orange light had glowed
Lighting the path to the woman’s abode
As he’d reached her door and had prepared to knock
The door had suddenly opened and he’d jumped back in shock
She was by far the ugliest woman he’d ever seen
With a face full of warts and hair an olive green
She was only four feet tall and had bright yellow teeth
And had donned a black robe with nothing underneath
“You be the Viking seeking the monk for his mate. Ye’ll have to find him soon before it’s too late. I’ll show ye the way, but first of all ye’ll have to pay.”
Erik had paid the required fee. “Now tell me, woman. Where is he?”
“Far north in the land of the Scot, in the heart of the Highlands there be a secluded spot. Go there and ye will see. On top of a hill be a monastery. That’s where he be.”    

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