Sunday, 24 April 2016

Oh, sister 19. (Memoirs of Sally McGhee iv)

We had more than our fair share of intolerable pests
And a few became our favourite guests
We did our best to indulge their requests
That were becomin’ odder each and every day
But we couldn’t let excesses get in the way
Not if they were willin’ to pay
For some things we’d charge an extra fee
But that was between the lassies and me
What got on my goat was workin’ for free
Robert had an agreement, ye see
He’d pay the coppers to keep them at bay
But one would show up every Saturday
Into the house he’d barge
And demand to see me free of charge
More than often he’d be intoxicated
But he was the law and had to be tolerated
Otherwise things would’ve been complicated
That didn’t stop me hatin’ the arrogant…
Well, he got on my wick
When he’d haughtily swing his truncheon stick
Nudge me gently with the tip
And then smile at me wryly and order me to strip
His very first visit had been terribly dauntin’
As I had a fair idea of what he’d be wantin’
And when he stroked the truncheon I felt real trepidation
Dreadin’ the thought of the imminent degradation
But when he had begun to remove his clothes too
I was curious more than anxious about what he wanted to do
He grabbed his bottle of booze and drank the dregs
And then flopped on my bed and spread his legs
Ye can imagine my shock
Him wantin’ to be penetrated with a wooden…
Well, how could I ignore
I only hoped that it’d be bloody sore
That’s how it was supposed to be
But instead his cries were that of glee
And that was so damn disappointin’ to me
Hearin’ him roar, “More, more, you stupid Whore!”
I shoved it forcefully again and again
Hopin’ it would cause him discomfort and pain
But the harder I shoved
The more he loved
“Again, again!” he’d yelled. “Keep on going, I’ll tell you when!”
I was utterly and truly exasperated
But my irritation soon turned to fascination
When his climax was reached without his own stimulation
In all that time I’d been a whore
Never had I witnessed that before
Nor would I ever have suspected
That some parts of a man could be connected
Ye could say that we were learnin’ every day
But I had no time for bastards that wouldn’t pay

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