Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Oh, sister 12. (Memoirs of Nancy Trollop iii)

So there was me with money in me purse
And all I ‘ad to do was scream and curse
If I’d told that to the girls back in the East End
They’d ‘ave probably thought that I’d gone round the bend
None of our kind got to rise above our station
But there I was in a unique situation
I ‘ad the power
And it was so bleedin’ rousin’ watchin’ them cower
I’ll never forget my first
The geezer looked proper posh and I feared the worst
I was scared that I’d be chastised for bein’ a rude little peasant
But the gent turned out to be really quite pleasant
And told me what ‘e wanted to do
Or rather what I ‘ad to order ‘im to do
I was to be a senior at ‘is former school
That caught ‘im breakin’ some silly rule
Not bein’ privileged and ‘avin’ an education
I ‘ad to be given a proper explanation
And although I wasn’t exactly coy
I didn’t know ‘ow to behave like a boy
But I did me best
And played the role with resolute zest
First I ordered him to get a broom
Then screamed at ‘im to clean me room
In no time at all it was spick and span
I actually wanted to thank the man
But I ‘ad to play the part and continue to pretend
And made ‘im pull down ‘is trousers and bend
This was a strange situation
I think ‘e called it simulation
Me pushin’ against ‘is bare backside
Sayin’ mockin’ words to dent ‘is male pride  
Tellin’ ‘im that ‘e was a sneaky little dodger
And punishment for that was a jolly good roger
If this was what went on at the upper class schools
Then our lot should be glad to be illiterate fools
This must ‘ave ‘appened when ‘e was a boy
Then somethin’ ‘e later grew to enjoy
I always knew the gentry could be bad
And now I knew that many were mad
But this particular gentleman made me sad
If memories like these were all ‘e ‘ad
But I ‘ad to push me pity aside
Even afterwards when ‘e sat down and cried
There was nothin’ I could do and nothin’ I could say
But just watch the clock ‘til it was time for ‘im to pay
The rest would ‘ave thought that I was a joke
If I told them that a punter almost made me choke
Robert would ‘ave said, “Nancy, don’t be a silly bitch. Ye cannae be feelin’ sorry for the rich. Jist take their money an’ play yer part.”
Yeah, Nancy might be mean, but she also ‘as an ‘eart  

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