Thursday, 21 April 2016

Oh, sister 18. (Memoirs of Siobhan MacGeary iv)

Sexual desire is natural and human
And usually involves a man and a woman
So someone like me never expects
To be approached by one of the very same sex
And with such boldness like that o’ the punter’s wife
Hintin’ that variety is the spice o’ life
So what made me agree?
Well, there was that promise of double the fee
But there was also a strong curiousity
And that inner voice cajolin’ me
Whisperin’, “Go on, Siobhan. Try it and see.”
The law was strict in the Victorian times
Sexual immorality was one o’ the crimes
And if you were caught in the act with the same gender
Then avoidance of prison was extremely slender
So the woman and I had to be discreet
And the followin’ day we arranged to meet
It wasn’t too difficult gettin’ time off
I just feigned sickness and faked a cough
Robert thought that I was tryin’ to shirk
But allowed it if someone else did the work
I met her in the street early in the day
That was normally the time when the others were away
The girls would be at the market gettin’ in the grub
And Robert would be drinkin’ in the local pub
The woman I met was called Yvette
“Don’t fret,” she said to me. “This will be an experience you shall never forget.”
Although she was beautiful and had perfect etiquette
I worried that it’d be somethin’ I’d later regret
On the way to the house I felt excitement and dread
So many things were goin’ through my head
Like what exactly do women do in bed?
Would it be somethin’ I’d already surmised?
Or was I goin’ to be pleasantly surprised?
What if none of us were satisfied?
Or even worse, horrified?
I could have kicked myself for my premature concern
As there really wasn’t that much to learn
Initially I let Yvette take the lead
And soon it became apparent how to satisfy the need
There were times that I cried out with sheer delight
With hands on the bedhead grippin’ tight
I’d never felt those sensations before
And neither I imagined had many a whore
This was somethin’ new
And when I was able to satisfy her too
I almost felt guilty about takin’ her money
As I had tasted the sweetest honey
She lay with me after and we held each other tight
Everythin’ just felt so right
Until she got up in the middle o’ the night
Oh, Lord, I thought that I was goin’ to die o’ fright
When I heard the voice of Nerys
How much was it goin’ to cost for her to keep her peace? 

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