Saturday, 16 April 2016

Oh, sister 16. (Memoirs of Robert Brown iv)

It’s fine tae be a workin’ class hero
But when yer wealth amounts tae zero
Then ye have tae push that ideology aside
An’ try an’ bridge the great divide
It’s no the common folk ah’m tryin’ tae deride
It’s certain beliefs that I cannae abide
Attitudes entrenched in the minds o’ the workin’ population
That they’re born tae serve and cannae rise above their station
Times were hard and the system wis unjust
But why settle for crumbs fae the upper crust
Ye don’t have tae be born wi’ a silver spoon
Savvy can provide that desired boon
The hindrance tae the majority o’ the nation
Wis the lack o’ a proper education
Ye cannae be succeedin’
If ye don’t know anythin’ aboot writin’ an’ readin’
An’ learnin’ tae count
What good is money if ye don’t know the amount?
Ah acquired ma knowledge fae Father Beast
Remember me tellin’ ye aboot the dirty priest?
Well, for that wee attempted molestation
Ah demanded that he gave me an education
Or ah’d gie away his secret an’ make a lot o’ noise
Aboot what he wis daein’ tae a lot o’ the young boys
He must’ve seen the sincerity in ma eyes
Because he didnae hesitate tae compromise
So, when the despicable wee vermin wisnae giein’ a sermon
Or listenin’ tae somebody confessin’
Ah’d be there for a daily lesson
I might no have went tae an uppity school
But what ah had wis a valuable tool
Withoot it life can be horribly cruel
And if ye’re prepared tae break the rules
Ye’ll find abundant gullible fools
More so wi’ the elite
Who were by far the easiest tae cheat
It’s wan thing havin’ a proper education
But if ye’ve never had that indignation
O’ bein’ oan the street
Strugglin’ tae make ends meet
Then ye’re oblivious tae the art o’ deception
As desperation is the root of dishonesty’s conception
Only a fool believes that there is honour among thieves
There is only wan person o’ interest for the wan that deceives
The business wi’ the lassies wis jist the beginnin’
It wis the trust o’ the cream that ah wis intent oan winnin’
Their admiration
Pavin’ the way for fraternisation
An’ tae start ah intended tae use Siobhan
Ah knew what wis goin’ on
Wi’ her an’ her lady friend
An’ that tae me me wis the ultimate godsend
For such an illicit act
It was guaranteed that we’d form a pact
The threat o’ exposure for the upper class sinner
Wid ultimately ensure that ah wis a winner
Money wis what ah had in mind
But first ah had tae mix wi’ her an’ her kind
Tae hell wi’ scruples
When chance ensures yer wealth quadruples
An’ the lassies makin’ money oan the side?
Who wis ah tae chide?
They were jist the same as me
Daein’ what it takes for the chance tae be free

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