Sunday, 10 April 2016

Oh, sister 14. (Memoirs of Sally McGhee iii)

Some o’ them were odd and some were quite shockin’
One even had a weakness for a stockin’
He always brought me a nice silk pair
And another pair for him to wear
He’d strip off his clothes and put on the hose
Then crawl under my dress and rub mine with his nose
When the sniffin’ was done and his man thing rose
He’d ask me politely to remove all my clothes
I’d undress slowly to get him agitated
I loved the way he groaned and salivated
It wasn’t just my nakedness that he anticipated
Puttin’ on the clothes got him stimulated
It must’ve been the fabric that got him animated
Because he needed to feel it while he…
I’m sure you understand
Gratification from his hand
It was a wee bit unnatural and I’m sure you agree
But one thing ye should know about Sally McGhee
Certain things I allowed if there was somethin’ in it for me
And he never failed to impress
For each time he came I got a brand new dress
They certainly weren’t cheap
All the latest fashions I got to keep
Much to the envy of the others
That still had designs much like their mothers
Most of our customers we didn’t get to choose
Whoever we got we’d rightfully abuse
But now and then there was a chance to use
And that was how I also acquired my shoes
I needed somethin’ to match the dresses
Men don’t realise how a woman distresses  
How she can feel incomplete
Havin’ the perfect dress and nothin’ for her feet
So when a customer requested to sniff my shoes
I saw him as one that I could use
The look I gave him was terribly sad
And I told him that those were the only pair I had
He looked at me in complete surprise
And frowned when he saw the tears in my eyes
“Don’t despair,” he said. “Next time I come I shall bring you a pair.”
As the weeks went by he brought more and more
Augmentin’ my eagerness when he came to the door
He’d give me the new pair and use the ones that I was wearin’
There was a rule that he had when it came to the sharin’
I had to wear them all day as there was little chance of airin’
And that’s all he wanted to do
Arouse himself with the odour of my shoe
One night when I was lyin’ alone in my bed
A crazy thought came to my head
What if both o’ them asked me to wed?
What would I do?
Marry the man in the dress?
Or the one that sniffs the shoe?

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