Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The gossip girls by Grant Harbison

Bertha told Gerta and it really upset her

But what she said to Gerta was relayed by Roberta

Gerta had no choice and would have to tell Alberta

In case she heard it from haughty Henrietta

Or even worse, gregarious Greta

But what if Alberta decided to tell Marietta?

It would worsen the situation instead of making it better

Bertha told Gerta that she’d already told Tertia

But Tertia had just grunted with her usual inertia

That worried Gerta and she began to sweat

For Tertia was brash and lacked etiquette

And would take great pleasure in informing Lynette

Lynette, she knew would be highly upset

And would probably go babbling to her sister, Suzette

That would be a calamity as Suzette would tell Sophia

And there would be hell to pay if Sophia told Maria

Bertha and Gerta didn’t know what to do

But Bertha suddenly suggested that they could tell Sue

Sue would tell Roxanne and she would tell Diane

And all three together would surely make a plan

They’d make sure the story didn’t reach the wrong ear

With their usual bully tactics of intimidation and fear

So right there and then it was decided

The names of the girls who would be confided

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