Monday, 27 April 2015

Glencoe by Grant Harbison

We lived in the valley but now we are ghosts
The price we had to pay for being good hosts
Good hospitality is the Highland way
And on that cold winter night we couldn't turn ye away
We took ye in and provided a bed
Ye were all treated well and decently fed
For days ye were with us and we had no perception
That yer amiability was just a deception
Ye woke us up in the middle of the night
And I heard my whole clan screaming with fright
It was a horrific atrocity conspired by ye baith
And all because we didn't share yer faith
It was a cowardly act of odious slaughter
Sons and daughters
Ye tried to make sure that this story wasn’t told
For those who weren't butchered were left to die in the cold
Ye Campbells destroyed our MacDonald clan
Death even came to those who ran
What evil possessed ye to do this thing?
It was more than allegiance to yer Orange king
Ye came to us as friends and ye left as foe
And we’ll always despise ye for the massacre in Glencoe

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