Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Men in skirts by Grant Harbison

She said, “I love a man in a kilt, I do confess.”
Ah said, “Yer mistaken, foreign lassie. It’s just me in a dress.”
“But you look so William Wallace, you look so Braveheart.”
“Ye dinnae ken what’s underneath, it’ll sure gie ye a start.”
“What do you have underneath that I shouldn’t know?”
“It’s a Scottish secret. Ah’m afraid it’s a no show.”
“Do the Scottish girls know what it’s about?”
“They definitely dae and it gie’s me merr clout.”
“Would you mind if I just take a look?”
“Naw, fair lassie, we’ve got tae go by the book.”
“And what book is that?”
“A fair amount o’ money tae look and a fortune tae gie a pat.” 

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