Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Norman the Ned by Grant Harbison

Norman was an infamous Ned
And in Glasgow’s inner city
He was born and bred
A wilful wide boy
A stereotype
Famed for his aggression
He relished the hype
A heartless hooligan
Devoid of pity
Norman’s notoriety spread through the city
Infamy that begot many foes
And with cumulative rapidity his problems arose
But Norman was reckless
Norman was smug
Nothing fazed the thoughtless thug
And laxity is what had brought about his plight
Out on his own late at night
He’d been truly confounded and utterly dumbfounded
When he’d found himself completely surrounded
With no chance of escape
He’d stared at his foe
As they’d cracked their knuckles and moved in slow
He’d tried to retaliate
At least give it a go
But they’d soon knocked him down
Blow by blow
Kicks to the body
Kicks to the head
Norman had groaned
Norman had bled
And then the inevitable
In true Glasgow style
The customary slash
The Glasgow smile
But Norman is doing well
Norman is fine
And the stitching looks good
Line by line 

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