Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fifteen at the fourteen eighteen

It was 1914
And the start of the greatest war the world has ever seen
I wanted to go
But I was only fifteen
And those who were recruited were at least seventeen
So I lied about my age so that I could enlist
My country was at war
And I didn’t want to miss
We were going to win and shout out loud
We were British and we were proud
The reality hit me when I got to the trench
But I withstood the cold and the terrible stench
I was a working class boy who’d had many spats
So it was no big deal that I had to eat rats
But then one day an order came through
And I saw fear in my comrades and watched some of them spew
The sergeant began to bark, “Hop, hop, hop!”
And then informed us that we were going over the top
My nerves were jangled
My head was in a whirl
I was just a young boy who’d never kissed a girl
Goodbye father
Goodbye mother
Goodbye sister and older brother
The order was clear and there was no point in defying
And as we went over I heard the screams of those dying
But  in my heart I knew that the Gerries were crying
There must have been some sentiment after yesterday’s game of ball
But they were just obeying orders
After all

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