Friday, 10 April 2015

Stud, Duchess, Countess and I by Grant Harbison

Something compelled us on that moonlit night

For we never stopped until dawn’s early light

Under a starry sky



Countess and I

It was an arduous endeavour

One that required vigour and fervour

Profuse energy

And close synergy

The whole affair was riveting and splendid

But we were somewhat relieved when it all ended

Stud was knackered

And Countess was shattered

The Duchess sighed and I was elated

It was far more than we anticipated

All our hankering had finally been sated

Perhaps you feel that I should be somewhat contrite

And I shouldn’t be revelling in sordid delight

But I say to you,” Don’t be silly.”

For Stud was a stallion

And Countess a filly 

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