Saturday, 25 April 2015

AKA Prince by Grant Harbison

The frog
AKA Prince
Did wince
Well you would have done the same
It’s not Prince we should blame
His heart fluttered
His head was in a whirl
He fell in love with the sleeping girl
He had no qualms
He had no fears
Little did he know she’d been asleep for years
She truly entranced him
She took away his breath
But the maiden he kissed had breath like death
She eyed him with love when she awoke
But Frog was in distress and continued to choke
She said, “Frog, do I disgust you. Do you feel distaste?”
He said, “No, fair maiden. But you really need paste.”
“Oh no,” she cried. “Is this my fate?”
“No my love, you just need Colgate.”
And so they lived happily ever after
Like every fairy tale
And if I’m annoying
You have the right to impale

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