Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My way and that's the highway by Grant Harbison

So I may take without givin’
But I gotta make a livin’
It’s not like I’m dirt
Although I do sometimes like to flirt
Just a weakness for the ladies
Anythin’ in a skirt
It sure has caused a bit o’ strife in me life
Ye should see the bottle scars from a heartless wife
But there I go driftin’ away
Almost forgettin’ what I wanted to say
Aye, ye might think I’m some Dublin jerk
And ye might disapprove o’ this line of work
But I’m a good upstandin’ highwayman
And to keep ye from harm I do all that I can
So don’t get rash
When I hold you up and ask for yer cash
I target the rich
I target the poor
I believe in equity
Of that ye can be sure
I may be an inconvenience to me fellow man
But please understand
That I too have a pension plan 

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