Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh, sister 28. (Memoirs of Siobhan MacGeary vi)

I became more and more impatient with Robert and Yvette
And the fling that I had with Yvette I began to regret
There was o’ part of me that wished we hadn’t met
And Robert had become a right selfish get
“It’s no the right time yet,” he’d say. “We’re daein’ the best we can, pet.”
For weeks I ignored the others and stayed in my room
But one day I got sick and tired o’ the perpetual gloom
Intuition told me that Robert was a threat
So I decided that I would confront Yvette
I thought, ‘To hell with Robert Brown.’
And I made my way to the other side o’ town
I dressed up real smart
But I was shamed and made to feel like a tart
Aye, a common whore
Told that I could only enter through the back door
And when I was escorted through by the maid
Yvette said to me, “Go away, you silly bitch. You have been paid!”
Aye, ye could say that I was shocked and a wee bit teary
But no one did that to Siobhan MacGeary
“So, I’m just a common whore?’ I asked her. “And there was me thinkin’ there might be more.”
“Go away and never come back,” she said. “I do really hope that you don’t meet Jack.”
“So, it’s you and Robert,” I said. “Is that true?”
“Get out, right now!” she screamed. “It has nothing to do with you!”
I looked at the shock on the face of her maid
Exacerbated when she said, “Why, are you complaining? You were handsomely paid.” 
I could say no more
And walked out the front like a nonchalant whore
My heart felt sore
But she and he weren’t goin’ to get the better of me
And I was goin’ to tell the story to the other three
When I got home late afternoon there was no one there
But the appearance of a man and a woman gave me a scare
I abrubtly asked, “What do you want?”
“A woman is what I want,” she answered. “No one knows that, but there has been the occasional taunt.”
I looked at the man who was extremely gaunt
“I just want to observe,” he told me and giggled. “You could say perv.”
I couldn’t believe the bloody nerve!
So I asked her,” Have you ever done this before?”
“Of course not,” she replied. “That is why I have come to a whore.”
I wanted to show them the door
But instead I asked her, ‘Has yer man become quite a bore?”
“Oh, yes,” she replied. “The lack of satisfaction I can’t ignore.”
I smiled and said, “Ask him to close the door.”
It wasn’t long before I heard her cries of elation
One look at him and I saw his frustration
He wanted to get in on the action
But this was a strictly female interaction 
He could grunt and grab his crotch
But it was me and her and he could only watch
I was paid triple the fee
Which was fine and you’ll agree
But I couldn’t understand why women fancied me 

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