Sunday, 29 May 2016

Oh, sister 27. (Memoirs of Nancy Trollop vi)

I ‘ad this fear of a bogeyman when I was a nipper
But real fear came in the form of the Ripper
Us ‘ores lived in terror of a possible attack
From the evil monster that called ‘imself Jack
It didn’t matter that ‘is crimes took place in the East End
On Robert we could no longer depend
Now and then ‘e would pitch
But spent most of ‘is time with that fancy bitch
I was curious to know what was goin’ on
Because to me it seemed that she ‘ad a thing for Siobhan
Siobhan was keepin’ stumm
And spent most of ‘er time alone in ‘er room
Yeah, so back to Jack
There was just no stoppin’ that maniac
The mood amongst the girls was very black
With every new customer there was the threat of attack
The Old Bill were doin’ their best but drawin’ a blank
Rumour ‘ad it that ‘e was a doctor and some said ‘e was a Yank
Some said that they’d saw ‘im fleein’ from a scene
Even some suggested that ‘e were related to the Queen
It was a terrible time to be an ‘ore
Shiverin’ and shakin’ when someone new came to the door
Like the American
What an obnoxious and creepy little man
And to top it all ‘e called ‘imself Dr Tripper
Bleedin’ ‘ell, it even rhymed with Ripper
I was ‘opin’ ‘e would choose one of the other three
And I was thinkin’ that it might ‘ave been Sally McGhee
But the grim little bugger opted for me
Well, it turned out that Dr Tripper weren’t the Ripper
And ‘e weren’t even a doctor an’ all
The man liked to pretend that ‘e was on a call
For a laugh I told ‘im that I ‘ad a runny nose
But the dirty little sod still made me take off me clothes
I suppose that was to be expected
And every single orifice was thoroughly inspected
Turnin’ me this way and that way for the examination
Even for an’ ‘ore it was ‘umiliation
And when ‘e was finished with ‘is inspection
This ghastly man told me that I would need an injection
Well, it was obvious that ‘e was referrin’ to ‘is todger
And the cure for my ailment was a damn good roger
That’s what ‘e said
And told me to get off the bed
I was asked to kneel on the floor
I’d never experienced shame like this before
And I cried out loud like a novice ‘ore
Normal copulation would ‘ave been just fine
Not the bleedin’ place where the sun don’t shine!
Five long minutes of degradation
With ‘im moanin’ with pleasure from ‘is own sensation
Afterwards the bugger ‘ad the cheek
To say that ‘e’d come to see me the followin’ week
And gave me two pills in case I felt weak

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