Friday, 25 March 2016

Oh, sister 9. (Memoirs of Sally McGhee ii)

After meetin’ Nerys my life certainly changed
I never imagined the nobility could be so deranged
While the rest o’ us contended with worry and strife
Fixations to them were more important in life
Ye have to wonder how they originated
Those needs that were so dissipated
Somethin’ must have triggered their bizarre concepts
Obsessions that only a whore accepts
With a whore they knew that their secret would be kept
One that didn’t care if they were sexually inept
If that were the case it wouldn’t have been a surprise
What does a man do when his manhood doesn’t rise?
He’d try somethin’ else to fulfil his desire
Somethin’ peculiar to stoke that fire
But ye never know with a toff
Perhaps the absurdity was what got them off
Like the one that liked to suck on my toe
Who they were we weren’t allowed to know
But me and the others named him Joe
They shared their secrets but never gave their names
We were just roles in their silly wee games
Joe was a midget but really quite sweet
With a compulsive desire to lick my feet
And suck my toes one by one
But to enhance his fun
It was requested that I be dressed as a nun
It never really mattered to me
I wasn’t of that particular faith, ye see
But poor Siobhan
Her face when she first saw me with the habit on
“Good grief!” she cried. “Have you gone celibate and changed you belief?”
“No, ye silly cow,” I replied. “It’s still the same Sally McGhee underneath.”
But each and every day
We were prepared for whatever came our way
Apart from the police
Mostly they left us in peace
But once when Robert forgot to pay
They quickly came around to take us away
We had to spend that weekend in a cell
And I can assure ye that it was a livin’ hell
Never again did he make that mistake
We had business to take care of and there was too much at stake
Our services we had to adjourn
But one week later saw the customers return
And things were even better than they were before
Many new faces arrived at the door
New obsessions and quirks galore
Money poured
But that was the thing we really adored 

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